3 Factors Why Coal Mining Industries Need Occupational Physicians

Workplaces can be a hazardous place for employees especially in the mining industry. There can be greater danger waiting for its workers if there are no proper coal health services.

According to world ranking, Australia bags the fourth spot among all countries that produce coal, next to China. One of the biggest coal mining sector can be found in Queensland. It also shows that 75% of coal mined in the country is mostly exported to the Eastern part of Asia.

Indeed, coal mining has a big role in economic growth where it provides huge revenue in improving the country as well as its citizens. In order to continue its operations, there is also a need for improving the health services in the industry in which a consultant occupational physician especially Nominated Medical Advisers (NMA) can offer.

The following factors express why coal mining industries need occupational physicians to protect the miner’s health and to have better coal health services in the mining industry.

Adherence to the occupational health and safety standards

Occupational physicians enforce adequate health services to the workers adhering to the health and safety standards. In Queensland, there is Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme that mining industries must have in order to protect the health and safety of their workers. This scheme ensures that the workforce undergoes the proper health assessments.

Through the help of occupational physicians, companies can assess the health conditions of their workers. Aside from following industry standards, it’s also important to think about the worker’s welfare. It is the company’s responsibility to enhance its coal health services through the help of professionals.

Helps workers adjust to changes

As mentioned above, coal mines in Queensland follow the Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme which is previously known as Qld coal board medical. Occupational health physicians will help companies adjust to any changes in the scheme. Thus, they help a certain company comply with the various paperwork issued by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM)

Proper health risk awareness

It is necessary that workers should know that their health is at risk especially if they have no idea how to avoid the dangers. Occupational physicians help the workforce keep themselves healthy.

Most of the common disease that coal miners develop is called black lung disease or coal workers’ pneumoconiosis (CWP). It is due to long-term exposure to respirable coal dust. The Department of Natural Resources and Mines of Queensland reported 21 confirmed cases of such disease only from May 2015 to April 2017.

Where to find the best occupational physicians in Queensland?

In Australia specifically in Queensland, coal board medical locations can be found across the country and one of the best providers like Resile offers any kind of occupational health.

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