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Facilitating Service Applications Using the Prime Six Sigma Define Tools

For service applications, tools utilized in the Define phase assist in refining or confirming the scope and boundaries of a given project. The two common kinds are Sipoc diagrams and Multigenerational Plans.


SIPOC diagrams

Lean Six Sigma is based on the core principle that defects can touch on anything which the customer finds unappealing, such as high cost, long lead time, poor quality and variation in lead time, among other aspects.

The first step in addressing any of these problems is taking a process view relating to how the target company seeks to satisfy a specified customer requirement. A lot of organizations still work as functional silos of some sort, with no particular person owning the entire process. It means that only a few people if any would have evaluated the process from beginning to end, just steps into the process.

What is SIPOC? 

SIPOC, a tool utilized for creating a high-level process map is an acronym which refers to the following:

  • Suppliers – refers to the entities, whether a person, process or company that avails the information, forms or material which is worked on during the process.
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Effective approach to plug spill of oil, chemicals and such other products

Keeping the surroundings clean and in hygienic conditions are the primary responsibilities of every individual. However, despite your best efforts and adequate precautions, sometimes any liquid stored by your company starts spilling, which can add to the discomfort of the neighbors. In such cases, you may use suitable spill kits not only to arrest the leak, but also to simultaneously clean the affected area.

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