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3 Components to a Powerful Brand

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If you have come to a realization that your business has either 1) not established its brand or (worse), 2) the brand is not consistent with what your business is about, you need help! Don’t panic. It is not a dilemma that you alone are facing. A lot of businesses have difficulty with branding strategies and it can be all over the place. This is why branding services Brisbane has today exists in the first place. These professionals enable businesses to create a winning brand that conveys a powerful message about their business.
If you have had problems with your branding strategy, or you need help finding a good brand agency Brisbane has to offer, take a step back. Once you look at the bigger picture, you will understand it better.
Below are three essential components to a winning branding strategy that branding services in Australia employ time and again:
Establish Your Purpose
One of the reasons why your branding could be all over the place is because you were unable to define your purpose. Your brand must make a promise (to your target market). This promise will give consumers confidence about what your business can do, not just to separate you from your competitors. Make this purpose specific. Your target market will be able to see through your feigned efforts at trying to over-promise but under-deliver. To make your branding purpose-driven, make it intentional and functional.
Take IKEA for example. This is one of the biggest brands in the world. They don’t just claim to offer the “best furniture and designs”. They aim “to make your everyday life better”. Another example is Coca-Cola. Their branding strategy is one of the best. They are trying to sell happiness in a bottle, not just bottles of sodas for profit (even if they really do)!
Consistency is Key
If for example, you have managed to get the first component right, you won’t be able to achieve much success with it if you lack consistency. In fact, this is where most brands fail in. Branding services Brisbane can offer will help you understand how you can be consistent with your purpose, and thus your brand. Every promotional message or product from your brand should be consistent with the purpose that you had previously set. If not, then your target audience will lose confidence in your brand. Make sure all forms of messaging is cohesive to create the maximum impact on your target audience.
Appeal to the Emotion
If you want to appeal to the intellect of your customers, it is fine. But appealing to their emotions is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. Hence, branding services Brisbane has today employ this particular strategy.
When you connect with your target audience emotionally, they find it easier to trust in you and your brand’s message. Focus on building a sense of community among your loyal customers to reward them for their trust. Or, you can appeal to their needs when addressing issues in their lives in relation to your products or services. Humans naturally long for affection and attention – by giving it to them, they are more likely to respond to you.

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