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Top Reasons You Must Get a Wooden Watch Sooner!

The first wood watches were made in Germany by Peter Hale, and they were large, 2-lb pendants that were able to maintain accurate timing for about 30 to 40 hours per winding. Those watches didn’t appear like the modern clock-dial face as people get to see today, but they used to ring the hours every time. However, the use of wooden watches was overtaken by the varieties of different wrist watches that became easily available until recent times. Wooden watches are a new trend today and have become immensely popular not solely because they are a fashion statement by themselves, but for the host of advantages that people get along with them. For instance, if you get yourself a wewood wooden watch, you would be able to pair them up with any dress, and you will see your watch becoming more beautiful with age.

Wooden watches become more gorgeous with age

This is because the colour and texture of new wood watches tend to evolve with the passage of time. Once you start wearing a wooden watch on a daily basis, the natural oils present in your skin will gradually blend in it, giving it a richer and more definite texture. Unlike plastic or metal watches that tend to lose their appearance due to regular wear and tear, you will find your wooden timepiece to become more elegant and individualistic with time.

Each wooden watch is a masterpiece

Regardless of how many wood watches you see, you will never find two wooden watches having an identical look, even if they have similar designs. It is because a quality wood watch is a handcrafted item, and the artist’s impression on the artefact varies from one item to another. Also each of the wooden planks has its unique colour and texture due to which it is not possible to mass produce wooden watches like those made of plastic or metal.

Wooden timepieces can withstand long wearing

Did you know that wood is among the most durable and lightest materials on planet earth? You will be able to understand this once you start wearing any of the wooden timepieces, for instance, a wewood watch. You will find it extremely comfortable, and it is so light that you will hardly feel that you are wearing anything. Also, wooden watches are not affected by the change of temperature and climate like those made of metal. A wooden watch would never rust or show signs of weariness in a damp climate.

 A wooden watch is an environmentally friendly item

Owing to the alarming rate of global warming, people are looking for eco-friendly items in every aspect of life where fashion seems to be no exception. When you buy a wooden watch from a reputed maker, such as wewood, you can be rest assured that the wood used in the process is a natural and sustainable resource. Plus, wood is capable of storing excess carbon dioxide in the air. So when you are wearing a wooden timepiece, you are helping to eliminate these harmful substances from the surroundings.

When you buy wood watch, you can match it with anything you wear, be it formal or traditional, party wear or a theme dress. This versatility of wooden accessories, including watches makes them so popular all over the world. For more information, visit their website at: HTTP://WWW.WE-WOOD.US

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